This year, as the screen specialists, we decided to build a demo room for you. Moreover, with Cinema Partners we are able to deliver all the elements to fit it properly at the highest standards.

A Dolby Atmos® 7.2.4 setup will be demonstrated on precision-calibrated dARTS speakers, with attendees enjoying high end cinema seating from Ineva Design and stunning, high resolution images on our Frontier Fixed Frame projector screen with AT Ref image surface. The alliance will utilize a StormAudio audio processor, Barco projector and Cinema-ATS acoustic treatment to round out the demonstration.

Our stunning AT Ref image surface supports the latest HDR and 4K formats with almost no impact on image detail or sound transfer.
In addition to the Frontier Fixed Frame screen in the theater, we will show their Dynamic Art Masking projector screen.

What piece of art we show this year? We hope you’ll come to check!