Side Mirror-XL


Large projector mirror mount for lens facing parallel to the screen

DT Side Mirror-XL is a table or ceiling mount accessory featuring high performance optical mirrors, adjustable mounting feet and straightforward alignment system. It is intended for applications with the projector lens facing parallel to the screen.


  • Allows Projector installation in narrow space or bulkhead
  • High performance optical mirrors
  • Easy adjustable alignment

The Side Mirror-XL features high performance optical mirrors which have a reflectivity of over 97% and perfectly flat optical coatings which preserve performance without impacting colour or contrast.

The SM-XL has three adjustable mounting feet enabling simple mounting and levelling. Once the unit has been levelled correctly the feet can be locked in position.
The SM-XL has straightforward alignment adjustment thanks to a pivoting mirror mechanism which can be easily located and then locked in position.
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