Mounts and Mirrors

DT advance projector mounting brackets and solutions focus on the combination of technical performance and design for install, ensuring that all DT Mounts meet the needs of both the client and the installer. We enable projectors to be mounted in locations that would not normally be feasible.

Vertical Mirror Mounts

DT Vertical Mirror Mounts allow projectors to be mounted vertically in several orientations. This reduces the space required for installation while also giving the ability for a more aesthetically pleasing projector installation.

Side Mirrors

DT Side Mirrors use a high quality first surface optical mirror to redirect the projector light path 90 degrees to allow a projector to be located parallel to the projection screen space thus reducing installation space required.

Ceiling Mounts

DT projector Ceiling Mounts feature 2 part rapid installation framework, easy mounting of very large projectors, adjustable mounting points and a low profile.

Motorised Mirror Drops

DT Motorised Mirror Drops are an in-ceiling projector mount featuring dual high performance optical mirrors. It is intended for applications where it is aesthetically advantageous to hide the projector in the ceiling – only dropping the compact mirror system when the projector is in use.

Screen Walls

DT Screen Walls are a modular front wall solution for cinemas or screening room designed to mount any type of speaker and screen configuration. The modular system enables a decoupled structural framework with a dense face, baffle mounting speaker locations and acoustic control as well as rapid installation.

Display Technologies is a British brand specialising in advanced projector screens, mounting brackets and custom installation solutions. Our focus on the combination of technical performance and design for install, ensure that all DT products meet the needs of both the client and installer.