Silenced inline 200mm fan module with brushless EC motor and Mistral Commander interface

DT Mistral-200 is a silenced inline 200mm fan module with an advanced brushless EC motor and featuring a special interface to enable full monitoring and control by the Mistral Commander. The DT-M-200 delivers up to 1100 cubic meters per hour of airflow.


  • EC Silenced Fan
  • Mistral Commander control interface
  • 1100 Cubic M per hour
  • Supplied with Acoustic Ducting
The silenced Mistral-200 mounting plate includes isolation fittings to minimise vibration and is supplied with 6m of perforated acoustic ducting to ensure the quietest possible air movement solution.

The M-200 contains an advanced brushless EC Motor with Mistral Commander Interface. The interface enables full reporting of fan speed and accurate speed control between 0-100% of full output. This enables M-200 to only operate when required for maximum efficiency.

The M-200 delivers up to 1100 cubic meters per hour of airflow and is ideal for applications with a heat load up to 5500 BTU/hr.
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