On wall projector screen with 1-way motorised top masking

The DT Mask-1 is an on wall projector screen featuring 1-way motorised top masking, basic motor control system and Whispertec motor technology.


  • Constant Width, Variable Height masking
  • Top masking for 2 preset aspect Ratios
  • Front image surface fitting – fit the frame to the wall then install the image surface
  • 2 position masking presets
  • Whispertec quiet motor

The Mask-1 supports 1-way motorised top masking supporting a choice of two aspect ratios, for example 1.78 and 2.37. This constant width and variable height masking perfectly frames most TV and movie content.

The basic motor control system enables easy interface to a control system and movement of the mask between two defined positions.
The proprietary Whispertec motor system runs at just 30dB which makes the Mask-1 the quietest masking screen in operation.
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