Very warm welcome at the Show confirmed in the excerpt of the report:

(…) ISE 2017 was Display Technologies’ first year at the exhibition, with its DT Screens Dynamic 2S motorised masking projection screen (paired with a Barco Orion Cinemascope with a 0.3 throw lens) acting as the brand’s statement product on the stand.

Assembled section by section directly on the wall prior to fitment of the image surface and front frame, a two-man team can easily handle even the largest screen sizes and fit them in to the tightest of spaces.

The screen is available with side-by-side, top and bottom, four way and with custom art work masking – demonstrated nicely at the show using Trainspotting artwork. Dynamic is available with all DT Screens exclusive image surfaces and can be specified in any size or aspect ratio up to 5.1m wide as standard, although Neil Davidson, owner of DT-Screens says that sizes up to 10m are available on request and that the screen is “competitive on price and dealer margin”.

Neil also revealed that DT Screens uses its own masking control system called Mask Position Logic, although they still integrate with other control systems.


“Display Technologies Ltd experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to their range of projector screens and projection mounting solutions at ISE,” said Neil. “We showed off a unique solution of a side masked cinemascope screen driven by a Barco Orion Cinemascope projector with ultra short throw lens. As if delivering a 2.4m wide cinemascope image from 50cm of depth was not amazing enough, the screen even featured a motorised art work panel to ensure it looked as good when in standby as when showing a movie.”


“We have been quietly building the business over the last year but we have already got distribution in nine countries with some incredible partners, and ISE is our real launch platform for the next stage of motorised stuff and projector mounting solutions,” said Neil. (…)

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