Giant Screens in demand

The DT Screens Dynamic-4-XL is an on wall projector screen optimised for very large sizes, featuring 4 way motorised masking, Mask Position Logic based control and Whispertec motor technology. While this designed specifically for big cinema rooms screens are in demand, we decided to give you even more details.

Whatever aspect ratio you need

The Dynamic-4-XL supports 4 way motorised masking allowing perfect framing of all aspect ratios in the range 1.33 to 2.70:1. This variable width and variable height masking maximises the impact of all types of content.

The Mask Position Logic (MPL) system is a proprietary development of DT Screens and enables the Dynamic-4-XL to calculate the exact location that the masks should be positioned to create any requested aspect ratio in the supported range. With MPL, setting mask presets is no longer required.

The proprietary Whispertec motor system runs at just 30dB which makes the Dynamic-4-XL the quietest masking screen in operation.


Smart package

Eventually, look at the size of packaging. Although the screen is 6.8 m wide that takes just two of those boxes to deliver full screen. This is what we call ergonomic design, there is just a product delivered, nested tight and securely, with no empty space to carry.

See Dynamic 4-XL screen in action



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