Ultra Short Throw Mount 2


Motorised mount for ultra short throw front projectors. Dual action model for projector parallel to screen.

DT Mounts Ultra Short Throw Mount 2 is a dual action motorised mount that first drives the projector away from the screen to achieve the required throw distance and then rotates to achieve correct parallel alignment with the screen. This delivers accurate alignment when the projector is in use and minimises depth requirements when projector is not in use.

The Ultra Short Throw Mount 2 is designed for projectors that are parallel to the screen when in use. This requires a movement that can first adjust the distance between the lens and the screen in order to achieve the correct throw distance to fill the screen. Secondly the projector is rotated into the correct location to be parallel to the screen.

The USTM-2 features smooth and accurate movement thanks to full PID PWM control of the movement actuators. This provides position location accuracy to better than 1mm.

USTM-2 is customised for the intended projector to make alignment with the screen as easy as possible. USTM‑2 is a mechanical system only and is intended to be mounted into customer provided cabinetry.




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