Hush Box Medium


Hush box solution for projectors up to 850 x 600 x 350mm

DT Mounts Hush Box – Medium is a hush box solution for projectors up to 850 x 600 x 350 mm featuring integrated projector mount, thermostatically controlled inlet and outlet fans and effective noise dampening.

The Hush Box – Medium is customised to the requirements of the specified projector including internal mounting brackets that securely lock the projector within the enclosure.

The HB-M is designed to deliver the required airflow to maintain the projector at the required temperature. As this is dependent on both projector and ambient conditions, high quality thermostatic fans are used on both inlet and outlet sides of the enclosure.

The HB-M is designed to provide effective noise dampening of the enclosed projector including highly convoluted air inlet and outlet paths for maximum sound absorption.

DT Mounts is a division of Display Technologies, a British company specialising in advanced projector screens, mounting brackets and custom installation solutions. Our focus on the combination of technical performance and design for install, ensure that all DT Mounts meet the needs of both the client and the installer.