Display Technologies is bringing your cinema projects alive through downloadable CAD Drawings and rapid quotations.

We are pleased to be able to release Create – our online portal for configuring all our standard products, thus allowing the user to generate CAD files of the exact product they require for their projects. Once happy with the configuration they are then able to request a quotation which will be rapidly land in their inbox for use in their proposals.

Our customers require accurate data on products quicker than ever to enable them to deliver their projects. DT Create helps our customers to fulfil this requirement thus enabling them to win more projects.

Developing the backend of CT Create to work with our in-house manufacturing CAD models has taken Display Technologies several months. The benefits are huge though right through the process from specification to ordering.

”DT Create is a tool is based on our observations and feedback from the industry. We are excited to be able to launch this and push the boundaries of what is expected from a manufacturer. We were able to recognise this requirement and launch this this because of our close relationships with our partners and distributors” – says Simon Ridley, Director.

Experienced installers and dealers spend a lot of time on up-front design their projects to ensure that they can deliver the expected solution and performance level to their clients. DT Create is now an important step in ensuring that they have accurate data, drawings, and pricing at any time to facilitate this.

DT Create portal

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DT Create portal