Integrated Systems Europe as one of the biggest AV trade shows of the year is always a great opportunity to showcase products the team is working on.

It is not a secret that DT is popular from their custom installations. This year Display Technologies teamed up with Barco Residential again to deliver some special room adaptations and showcase projection excellence in room E107. It’s time to reveal the cards – below you can find a preview of what was presented that week:

Dynamic 2S – side masking screen (DT-DYN-2S)

On wall projector screen with 2 way motorised side masking

The DT Dynamic-2S is an on wall projector screen featuring 2 way motorised side masking, Mask Position Logic based control and Whispertec motor technology. Dynamic 2S masking screen will show content of different aspect ratios all day round and thanks to S-MPL (Synchronous Mask Position Logic) no manual involvement is required to adjust it. Our technology allows that to be done automatically in every masking screen, so viewers can enjoy the films even more.

Featured at ISE 2020 as part of Barco Residential’s demo room, the DT-DYN-2s spent its time in Amsterdam displaying its ability to mask in order to match various film aspect ratios. Read more about Dynamic 2-way Masking Screen here: DT-DYN-2S

Motorised Mirror Drop  – Version 2 (DT-MMDv2)

In ceiling mirror drop for projector mounting and concealing using a compact folding mirror system

DT Motorised Mirror Drop is an in-ceiling projector mount featuring dual high performance optical mirrors, custom projector interface and flexible alignment adjustment. It is intended for applications where it is aesthetically advantageous to hide the projector in the ceiling – only dropping the compact mirror system when the projector is in use. This product featured at ISE 2020 as part of an installation showing an example of a residential home theater, showing off the advantages of a hidden projector installation in a home setting. Read more about the Motorised Mirror Drop here.

Porthole Glass (DT-PHG-1)

Single glazed projector porthole with magnetic mounting interface

DT Porthole Glass 1 is a single glazed projector porthole featuring high performance dual anti reflection coated glass, magnetic mounting interface and RAL colour finish options. Part of an installation featuring the DT-CNTP and an art mask by DZYN, the DT-PHG-1 provided the perfect solution at ISE 2020 for a discreet projection solution. Read more about Single Porthole Glass here: DT-PHG-1

The DT Porthole Glass was part of a construction featuring several products at ISE 2020, including the following:

Vertical Mirror Mount – Version 2 (DT-VMMv2)

On wall projector mirror mount with universal projector mounting and orientation

DT Vertical Mirror Mount version 2 is an on wall projector mirror mount featuring high performance optical mirrors, universal projector interface and flexible alignment adjustment. The VMMv2 can be reconfigured to suit any install orientation, front or reverse and up or down.

Mistral Commander (DT-M-C)

Dual zone thermostatic fan control module with PC based monitoring software

DT Mistral Commander is a dual zone thermostatically controlled fan module with PC based monitoring software for system setup and analysis. Each zone features independent temperature target, control parameters and input and output fan control. The dedicated Mistral Commander PC application is required for setup and system monitoring only, the DT-M-C is designed for stand alone operation in day to day operation.

Mistral – 150 (DT-M-150)

Silenced inline 150mm fan module with brushless EC Motor and Mistral Commander interface

DT Mistral 150 is a silenced inline 150mm fan module with an efficient and powerful brushless EC motor and featuring a special interface to enable full monitoring and control by the Mistral Commander. The DT-M-150 delivers up to 300 cubic feet per minute / 500 cubic meters per hour of airflow.

Ceiling Mount (DT-CM)

Low profile, universal projector ceiling mount

DT Ceiling Mount is a very low profile universal fit projector ceiling mount ideal for larger projector models. The DT-CM is a two part unit with ceiling mount and universal fitment plate suitable for most projectors. Once mounted, the two plates are securely locked together for a safe and secure installation.

Contempo fixed screen (DT-CNTP)

On wall projector screen with fixed micro bezel surround

Finally we have the DT Contempo; an on wall projector screen with fixed micro bezel surround featuring simple install mounting system, front loading image surfaces and custom colour options. This time we found completely new function for this piece. You’ll be surprised how good it is in different application. In collaboration with an art mask design by DZYN, this screen was a centrepiece of the exhibit at ISE 2020; showing the versatility of this product! Read more about Contempo Fixed Screen with ultra thin frame here: DT-CNTP

If you’re interested in any of the products please do not hesitate to contact us. As many products are made to order, do not be afraid to ask about anything we have not in our offer at the moment. This is more than possible that we will design it for you as well.

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Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed your visit to us in E107!