Beginning of the year occurred very successful for Display Technologies already. Our efforts were focused on one localisation where we became display partners to high end projectors manufactured by Barco Residential. As a summary of that great event, we are happy to present all DT products featured ISE Show 2019 below:


Starting with the biggest open space of the stand, you could see the wall to wall Contempo fixed frame screen, which measured no less than 5 meters (!). You could admire all range of footage throughout the day, from static slideshow images through films to games which were available to try on this big screen for visitors.

Read more about Contempo Fixed Screen with ultra thin frame here: DT-CNTP


Another screen in the same space was great canvas to display colourful ultra short projection image – Frontier screen with fixed black velvet frame was there mostly for animated movies (this one depicts Coco).

Read more about Frontier Fixed Screen with black velvet frame here: DT-FRNT


Going further into the room, there was a home cinema demo room where our third screen was fitted. Dynamic 2S masking screen showed content of different aspect ratios all day round and thanks to S-MPL (Synchronous Mask Position Logic) no manual involvement was required to adjust it. Our technology allows that to be done automatically in every masking screen, so viewers can enjoy the films even more.

Read more about Dynamic 2-way Masking Screen here: DT-DYN-2S


Inside the opposite wall Side Mirror Mount was fixed to the brand new projector. Both products were just released and both hidden well from sight to enable neat demo room look. Enough to say that thanks to our mounting solution with 45 degrees tilt the projector could be easily installed parallel to the screen.

Read more about Side Mirror Mount here: DT-SMM


Another space was arranged like a luxurious media room, so to keep it functional we hidden all installed projectors with our concealment products. First you can see below is Motorised Side Mirror – a quick solution for projectors in the wall located on an angle.


The second one located just below, was cabinet with Hush Box Medium inside. That included remote Mistral-2 airflow and Vertical Mirror attached for accurate projection. Both of those units were closing to create comfortable living room environment while projectors weren’t in use.

 Read more about Hush Box Medium here: DT-HB-M


If you’re interested in any of the products please do not hesitate to contact us. As many products are made to order, do not be afraid to ask about anything we have not in our offer at the moment. This is more than possible that we will design it for you as well.

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Thank you for watching and see you at the next Trade Show!