We are happy to present briefly all the DT products featured the ISE Show 2018.

Cinema Partners Stand was packed with our made to order products.
Outside you could notice Vertical Mirror Mount made always to match the projector size. This couple is Barco Loki Projector attached to Vertical Mirror Mount Up.

Another presented product was 2 meters wide Dynamic Art Mask Screen – fixed screen with artwork coverage which is also made to order.
You can pick the motif from our expanding library or ask for specific artwork to be made especially for you.

DT-DYN-AM: Dynamic Art Mask Screen


There were two products inside the Demo Room installed as well – one of which could be missed almost unnoticeably. Very slim (only 50 mm from the ceiling) mounting to attach the Orion projector.

DT-ACM: Adjustable Ceiling Mount

At the opposite side of the room Frontier Screen was tempting everyone to admire the movie projection. This 3 meters wide, velvet frame fixed screen had 1.78 Aspect and was made with very bright AT Ref Image Surface.


In completely different Hall, Dynamic 2-S Masking Screen was waiting for visitors. Barco Residential with Display Technologies put all their efforts to present Synchronous Mask Position Logic with this screen at the Show. Movie sequence was created to change the image aspect ratio almost every time the clip was changing. Thanks to that you could observe how easily the screen adjusts to the content without any extra involvement. You can read more about SMPL here.


We could not forget about our TOP 1 this year – Motorised Mirror Drop. This smart device was subject of many discussions during the show.
This is the way how high quality and decent size projector can be hidden without loosing its performance at all. In other words, how to get great image without using great amount of space.

If you’re interested in any of the products please do not hesitate to contact us. As many products are made to order, do not be afraid to ask about anything we have not in our offer at the moment. This is more than possible that we will design it for you as well.
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