There were many new products at CEDIA Expo presented by Display Technologies. Our exhibition was split between two locations so we prepared a convenient map of products for everyone to see our highlights:

Cinema Partners Stand which was just on the entrance magnetised visitors with two multimedia units outside.

1) SuperSize TV – standalone unit with a cabinet which reveals the ultra short throw projector, fitted with very unique ultra short projection screen maintaining the non-reflective and vibrant image even with full lights on. Unit was also fitted with custom retractable Art Mask to cover the screen, and custom artwork on the back wall, a pair of chosen speakers on sides and a speaker behind the screen.

Read more about SuperSize TV Front standalone unit here: DT-SST-F


2) Digital Wallpaper – this rectangular piece presented was a sneak peak to architectural video where light and video meet to create new artistic and lifestyle opportunities. Packed with number of different video content amused visitors with its ambient performance.


Walking from the back of that stand there was another monster installed. Extra Large Hush Box sized exactly to nest award winning Barco Residential Prometheus III Projector.

Read more about Hush Box Extra Large here: DT-HB-XL


Demo Room built for that occasion featured, among the other products, our Dynamic-2 side masking screen of 3200 mm width with beautiful velvet finish frame.

Read more about Dynamic 2-way Masking Screen here: DT-DYN-2S


On the other side of the trade show hall – Barco Residential had their fantastic multiple room stand. You could find a bunch of innovative DT products over there.

Stunning 5000 mm wide Contempo screen which was welcoming guests just in the middle of whole showroom:

Read more about Contempo Fixed Screen with ultra thin frame here: DT-CNTP


Vertical Mirror Mount – made to order as an in wall kit with milky glass – revealing the inside in just one click: Read more about Vertical Mirror Mount Up (Standard unit) here: DT-VMM-UP


And last, but not least for sure, Motorised Mirror Drop which is fantastic mounting unit to hide your projector in ceiling. Here, as you can see with plexiglas to admire also the inside of this construction, as well as the projector. During the projection only the back shelf part is visible below the ceiling level.

Read more about Motorised Mirror Drop here: DT-MMD


If you’re interested in any of the products please do not hesitate to contact us. As many products are made to order, do not be afraid to ask about anything we have not in our offer at the moment. This is more than possible that we will design it for you as well.

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Thank you for watching and see you at the next Trade Show!