Display Technologies addresses more cinema design challenges with the introduction of VMM-FS.

DT’s innovative VMM-FS is perfect for vertically mount a projector where its advantageous having the unit sat on a horizontal structure such as a shelf or cupboard; ideal in situations where space is limited, and in installations where structural vibration can be an issue, this precludes its use.

DT have addressed this issue by introducing the VMM-FS, a freestanding table top version of the VMMv2 that de-couples from the wall and minimises vibration transfer. The VMM-FS can be attached to a horizontal surface or secured to an isolated base unit that avoids vibration created by bass energy and wooden floors etc. installation is simple and it only takes up slightly more space than a conventional VMMv2.

Managing Director of Display Technologies, Neil Davidson commented: “This solution is designed to address one of the most important pieces of feedback we have received from our global customer base. Various constructions schemes in different countries made wall mounting the VMMv2 challenging. By decoupling the mount from the structure this opens the solution into many more projects for our partners.”

Display Technologies premiered this product on stand 6 at EI Live and along with their distributor Apex-Tech UK.

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