Reference acoustic knitted screen surface fabric

Acoustic Transparent Reference dual layer image surface delivers the maximum image performance with minimal acoustic insertion loss. It is suitable for the most demanding critical evaluation use cases.


  • Dual layer for maximum contrast
  • Acoustically transparent
  • Our reference video and audio optimised AT image surface
  • Seamless images up to 1.7m tall
Dynamic 2TB
ATRef is a knitted surface using a wider filament which is then flattened using heated rollers delivering exceptional colour accuracy, contrast and sharpness combined with minimal acoustic insertion loss. Knitted projector screens are inherently robust and suited to being mounted under tension.
ATRef is a near perfect Lambertian diffuser delivering exceptional uniformity across the image regardless of viewing angle, projector offset or throw distance.
ATRef has been carefully engineered to deliver the highest possible image performance with full compatibility with latest video standards such as 4K resolution and Rec2020 colour space along with absolutely minimal acoustic loss. It is a dual layer system supplied with a separate black backing layer for enhanced contrast and no light transfer to the surface behind the screen.
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