Since entering the market, Display Technologies has created an extensive, innovative and high-quality collection of products to deliver screen and projector mounting options. EI takes stock ahead of the company’s achievements.

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Supporting a global customer base, Display Technologies (DT) is a British manufacturer that has been creating cleverly designed projector screens and mounts since the company was founded in May 2016 by industry veterans Neil Davidson and Simon Ridley. Since this point, the two founders have used their considerable knowledge of the integration industry to deliver products that offer high-performance but also solve real-world problems encountered by installers. The company’s inventory shows a clear appreciation of the challenges faced out in the marketplace and practical ways to deal with them and deliver a better result for the customer.

Co-Founder, Neil Davidson says, “Our focus on the combination of technical performance and careful design for an easy and effective install, ensure that all DT products meet the needs of both the client and the installer. We have gathered together some really innovative technology, a wide and growing product range and a large and very well-equipped factory based in North Yorkshire.”

At launch the company was working out of a modest-sized industrial unit, however, demand for the products has meant rapid expansion and DT’s current facility represents close to 8000sqft of space incorporating three full production workshops as well as offices and visitor facilities.

Simon Ridley explains, “The production facility boasts its own CNC, cutting and handling and 3D printing machines and all of our embedded software and PC applications are developed in-house allowing DT to create solutions that would be almost impossible for competitive companies. We have also undertaken extensive development with OEM partners which have delivered our range of motors to drive the screens, our inline cooling fans and several more important components that are yet to be announced, stay tuned to find out more.

Having total control over our production process allows us to deliver the innovation the market needs and deliver it in a timely fashion. We are also very proactive in listening to the market and working with installers on any special projects that they have. We regularly receive requests for bespoke solutions and if we don’t have something suitable already in our ranges, let’s talk and see if a solution can be found, our facility allows us to do just that.”


Perhaps the best expression of the company’s growth and ability to innovate can be seen in DT’s Dynamic masking screen range.

Neil argues, “We strongly feel these represent the best masking screens on the market right now. They feature our proprietary Mask Position Logic system which enables perfect masking of any requested aspect ratio without the use of presets, it delivers the precision and ease of use that this type of screen needs.”

Neil explains, “During manufacture the screen is programmed with the width, height and mask configuration and when in use, special sensors measure to the mm the location of the mask bar. With all that data, perfect masking happens every time so the customer’s viewing experience is seamless and pleasurable. On top of all of that, our Whispertec platform (again developed in-house) ensures that the screens are also the quietest masking screens on the market. These screens do represent the state of the art, designed especially for the ground up, there is nothing that matches the functionality and build-quality of these screens.”

DT underlines some installer-friendly aspects here include the front-loading image surface and a sectional build process making hanging easier than with one-piece products and also the solid wood and aluminium packaging that fully protects the screens in transit. The Dynamic range has many different options so each project can be supplied with the perfect model, complete range breakdown can be seen on the DT’s website.

The company’s ranges do not end there, of course, DT has also developed other screen options with simpler fixed framed models such as the Contempo, or Frontier which adds a touch more luxury with its fixed velvet surround. DT also offers a choice of architectural integration products designed to offer innovation in mounting projectors to increase interior friendly placement options. A choice of brackets, motorised mirror systems, and hush box solutions are all available to aid the installer in delivering a high-end result.

The Hush Box range combines mounting a projector with reducing its noise output in one neat package, a choice of sizes to suit different projectors is of course available.

DT’s motorised mirror drop systems offer the option to mount the projector in-ceiling. When needed, it is not the whole projector that drops down, but just the compact mirror system, offering a discrete solution. Other options in the product area include single and double glazed projector portholes and close coupled mounting brackets.

DT also has a range of mirror-based mounting products that help when positioning of the projector is problematic. Whatever the angle or position the projector needs to be in, the range has a solution to get the images into the screen at the right level of quality. Completing the DT range, the company’s newly updated Mistral ventilation systems are available in 150mm, 200mm and 250mm diameters offering up to 1800m3/hr of airflow. The dual Zone Mistral Commander accurately controls fan speed and enables detailed monitoring.

As well as product innovation, the company has been careful to ally itself with key partners within the industry. A well-established relationship with Barco Residential means many DT products have been featured at Barco’s ISE and CEDIA Expo stands in recent times. In the UK Display Technologies are proud to represented by DbM (Distributed by Meridian) and Genesis Technologies.

Neil concludes, “Despite all our success and progress, we are still a bit of a well-kept secret, we are keen now to raise the profile of the brand and the products to ensure installers know exactly what we can deliver and how we deliver it. Give us a call to find out more.”

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